Self-Love Event

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What is the Self-Love event?

Dr Katrina Cryder, hosted the 1st Self- Love Event in February 2019 at Touch of Health.  For Katrina it was not only about self care but community care.  So often, as moms, we are told that we need to take care of ourselves and while that is true, we also need each other.  We need to be in community with each other so we can feel less alone, as motherhood can often feel like a deserted island. Katrina's idea was to bring together ways that moms could care for themselves and also be in community with other moms.  It was a way to bring moms together to enjoy spending time with each other while trying new things: Shopping, sipping wine and having mini healing sessions while in the company of one another.

We quickly realized, while it was originally created to help moms, we ALL need Self-care and Community.

Please join us February 29, 2020 and celebrate YOU!


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  1. This sounds like a wonderful day. Wish I could be there to share it with you all. Love the new group picture.

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