This Summer Focus on Health

Summer time just has a different vibe, you can feel it!

School is over! Gone are the days of getting up early and rushing out the door. There are no after school activities to shuttle the kids to, and we have more flexibility in our schedule. Summer hours are in effect!

Yes, there are still summer camps, lake days and vacations but the warm weather and longer days provide more opportunities for outdoor activities and harnessing the healing power of nature. Additionally, the abundance of fresh fruits and veggies in season can make it easier to eat a healthy, balanced diet.

Summer allows us more time with our kids and more time to focus on establishing healthy habits and healing long standing health issues.

Healing doesn’t happen when we are over stressed and running from place to place.The start of a health and healing journey often requires concentrated energy and attention. Summer allows for just that.

The slower pace of summer allows for a more relaxed nervous system which is key to healing.

Were the kids sick a lot this year?

Do you have a picky eater?

Do they have chronic issues that aren’t resolved?

Do you feel burned out?

It may be time to slow down and reset.

What health issue do you want to focus on?

What habits do you want to cultivate?

What habits do you want to establish before that new school year hits?

Personally, I am on an airway healing journey with my oldest Avery and we are doing big things with her health this summer by shifting her diet, doing some Myofunctional therapy and getting a palate expansion device set up for her. I’m so grateful for the summer slow down so we can focus on our airway journey.

Do you need help on your famlies healing journey?
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As always, the goal is progress not perfection❤

Dr. Katrina Cryder
Chiropractor & Applied Clinical Nutrition Counselor