Massage for Anxiety and Depression

Massage Therapy for anxiety, relaxation and pain relief

I think most people associate massage therapy with relaxation, "deep tissue" massage or (hopefully) pain relief. However, the benefits of massage are  further reaching than just relaxation and pain relief. With the growth and popularity of massage, studies have illuminated the benefits that many receive for ailments like anxiety and depression.

Recent research has shown that massage can:

  • Help decrease anxiety
  • Increase our quality of life
  • Help people take less medications
  • Decrease depression

Stress Relief 

Most Americans unfortunately suffer from chronic stress and anxiety and the last few years statistics have not improved.   Chronic stress can have detrimental affects on our health, influencing factors of susceptibility for many diseases by suppressing the immune system. Massage can be a great addition to a stress management plan by creating a relaxing environment, nurturing touch,  decreasing cortisol, releasing serotonin and more.   

  Chronic Pain 

Massage has increasingly proven its benefits in reducing pain and increasing the quality of life in chronic pain patients suffering from low back pain, neck pain and headaches.  Just 10/15 minute massage performed on hands and feet can significantly relax the patient. Consistent massage treatments can have a longterm effect on pain levels and the emotions that come from trying to manage chronic pain.    

Seasonal Affective Disorder

Now that we are in the middle of winter and the days are short you may notice your mood and energy levels being affected.  According to a study One in five of every Americans suffers from seasonal affective disorder.   Massage Studies show that regular massages can improve mood and reset circadian rhythms, leading to improved mood, better sleep, and more energy.

Massage during Pregnancy

According to a research study in 2010, mothers who received massage during pregnancy reported feeling less depressed, anxious and continued to have results Postpartum.   Massage is a great way to uplift mood, decrease anxiety and decrease cortisol levels in mothers and infants without the use of pharmacologies.    We recommend finding a local massage therapist who is trained specifically in prenatal massage or taking a class aimed at teaching your partner to perform prenatal massage.

Finding the right massage therapist can have lasting effects on your health and life.   If you are struggling with anxiety and depression seek out help and begin putting together a plan that you can keep consistently.   Give us a call at Touch of Health Atlanta in Sandy Springs, Georgia to begin a regular massage routine.  

-Melissa K Merritt

Massage therapist in Sandy Springs Georgia for 15 years.   Melissa believes that massage is an important part of everyone’s self care routine.