Allergy Season Ahead

Supplement allergy season

Allergy season is here????????

Our cars and homes are covered with pollen.

And if the runny nose, sneezing and coughing haven’t started yet they soon will????

One of our favorite products to help us through this season is Natural D-Hist & D-Hist Jr.

These supplements help to support you & your child with seasonal challenges caused by common environmental allergens. Some of the ingredients that help make Natural D-Hist & D-Hist Jr so effective are:


known for its abilities to stabilize Mast cells, which diminishes the release of Histamine, the compound known to cause hypersensitivity reactions during seasonal changes.

????Stinging Nettles

helps balance the immune response especially in the airways and nasal passages.


a plant enzyme found in pineapple, this compound had been shown to enhance the absorption of Quercetin and to reduce circulating allergenic complexes associated with hyper-immune sensitivity and seasonal discomfort.

????N Acetyl Cysteine

NAC is an amino acid precursor to one of the most important antioxidants in the body: Glutathione. Both glutathione and NAC help reduce the viscosity of the mucous allowing for clearing of the airways and improved respiratory health.

????Vitamin C

Among the numerous health promoting properties, Vitamin C supports the immune system and is distinctly beneficial for individuals with seasonal discomfort because of its ability to deactivate Histamine.

Prepare you & your family for allergy season with this

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