A tale of being sick

Have you been sick this year yet?

Well, I was back in August and it was awful!

‘Twas a normal day at the office or so I thought.

I came in feeling pretty normal but by lunch I began to feel physically run down.

I told Dr. Katrina, who offered me an adjustment and muscle testing  for some homeopathic tinctures my body would need.

She suggested Drainage tone and Lymphonest.

After the adjustment I felt like I needed my bed . Lucky for me I work for people that put your health and wellness first and I was able to leave work a few hours early.

When I got home I went straight to bed and so began the next 7 days of aches, pains, fevers congestion that honestly weren’t so unbearable thanks to Lymphonest and Drainage tone.

Lymphonest is a Homeopathic Liquid that supports the function of the lymphatic system which is especially great to use for cold and flu.

They say to add 30 drops to a glass of water .

Maybe its my Haitian background of drinking homemade tinctures and nasty remedies but I drank it straight up. I would describe the taste as . .. 80 proof rum mixed with the flavoring of pepper cloves. Unpleasant but you know it’s going to be effective.

Some of the key ingredients include:Echinacea which helps with the lymphatic, inflammation
Petroleum 3x which helps with the fatigue
Lachesis mutus 8x is perfect for Chronic sore throat, fever
Though I stayed in bed for about 7 days total after 3 days I could feel some relief with my fatigue and exhaustion.

The drainage tone  helped to release all of the congestion in my nose and chest. that mixed with the conscious resting I started to feel the medicine do the necessary work to heal myself.

Simultaneously my sister was sick as well and she decided to go the DayQuil, NyQuil, Mucinex route and two weeks after she was still dealing with a bad cough. I offered her my Lymphonest and Drainage tone and told her to do the same thing I did. By day 5 her cough was subsiding and by day 10 she was all but feeling back to her normal self.

When we’re sick it’s very easy to use over the counter quick fixes and try to plow through the day.  I’m glad I chose to try something different and support my body with rest and homeopathics.

Always Love