Seasons of Motherhood

We’re all in a season.  ❄️🌷☀️🍁

It feels like I’ve been in some kind of “season” of motherhood since I started this parenting journey.

I loved those years with my little ones. But in those looong days, sometimes it was tough to appreciate it all.

My oldest is a 8 and and my youngest is about to be 5 and they keep growing every day.

For so long I’ve just felt like a “mom of babies”,  that it’s now so difficult to wrap my brain around having an older kids.

I don’t feel ready for the big kid stuff quite yet

Recognizing the season that we are in can help us set our expectations for ourselves.  Allowing us to let go of the shame and guilt of the “should haves” and come face to face with the reality of what is.

We are in such a great phase of life right now that I would happily stop time.⏱️

Seasons come and go in life. We all know that.

But what we may not realize as young mothers is how we will experience the seasons of life our children will go through and the seasons we’ll go through as we raise them.

Enjoy the NOW season.

Because each of the seasons will pass sooner than you realize.😢

Every experience is an opportunity to learn, and your kids will teach you more than you could imagine!

Scrolling through pictures on my phones gives me all the feels as I watch the different stages of Motherhood I’ve been through

  • The Infant Season
  • The Toddler Season
  • The Childhood Season
  • The Pre Teen or Tween Season
  • The Teenage Season

What Season of Motherhood are you in?

-Dr. Katrina