Is trying to attain perfection sabotaging your Health?!

Health is about pursuing the right direction, not attaining perfection


I speak to so many people who are trying “to do all the right things” and I’m here to tell you that living like this is unrealistic.

Perfection is an illusion…it’s an unattainable goal that we’ve been tricked into thinking we can reach.

The human experience is one of the learning, growing, and developing.  We make mistakes all the time and that’s how we learn to DO better and BE better.

Changing and adapting your life as you get new information is what it means to live on this earth.

Instead of trying to be perfect just start heading in the right direction, keep on adjusting the course as you have new information.  Allow yourself to flow with the changes of new experiences as they come in.

Most importantly let your self off the hook…

Because there is no perfect

Perfection is an illusion

Being human means loving all parts of yourself and acknowledging that you will make mistakes

You will get it wrong sometimes and that’s OK!

When you know better you can do better.

Health & healing are journey not a destination.

Relax a little and Enjoy the ride!