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Posted on 02-01-2017

Chiropractic and Pregnancy Part 2

As chiropractors at Touch of Health, our main goal is to work with a pregnant woman’s nervous system to remove interference within and allow our innate energy to flow at its maximum performance or function.  Our nervous system control’s everything in our body!  If there is interference present within your spine the appropriate messages may become distorted or may not be received by the specific destination.  Having your spine in alignment will help you and your baby to thrive throughout your pregnancy.    

 Pregnancy is an extremely emotional time within a woman’s life.  With more hormones being produced and hormones beginning to change, the emotional aspect of pregnancy can run high.  By helping to calm the nervous system, Chiropractic is a successful way at managing and balancing these changing hormones, especially with regular, consistent care.  When your nervous system is functioning at its peak and has few interferences, mothers can become more connected to their body and the developing baby.  This allows changes to happen more smoothly, and moms can appreciate the overall experience of being pregnant.  When physical symptoms are low and our body is functioning at its best, an expectant mother can take the time to nurture the spiritual and emotional needs that arise throughout pregnancy.  Moms can take the time to partake in activities they truly enjoy and that reduce everyday stress.  When a mother’s stress level is low, so is the growing baby’s stress level which limits complications and allows your baby to develop naturally.   Mom is then fully capable of trusting her own body, limiting her fear, and allowing her body to do what it is hardwired to do.  As a mother becomes more comfortable and less stressed, her pregnancy and birth can become natural, peaceful, joyous and less based on fear and anxiety. 

 At Touch of Health, we strive to educate, care, and support our soon to be moms.  Our knowledge and expertise has helped our pregnant mothers achieve the goals they set for themselves throughout their pregnancies.  We take pride in providing every resource available to our patients.  We also have great relationship with other birthing and pregnancy care professionals in the surrounding area.  If you are or someone you know may be considering chiropractic care throughout their pregnancy, please give our office a call and we will be happy to answer any sort of questions you may have in relation to this topic.    

 ~Dr. Nick Boak, DC

Soon to follow:  the benefits of chiropractic care for newborns and children.   


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